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Dr. Daniel J. Leeman is proud to offer a private surgery center at his practice in Austin. The Mueller Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility that is entirely physician owned and operated. Private surgery centers allow patients to receive more individualized care and reduce any chance of infection. Having a surgical procedure performed at a private surgery center customizes and improves the continuity of patient care because the same surgical team is working with the patient from the start of the procedure to the finish. Office-based surgeries can also increase patient comfort and allow the patients to return to their homes in a more timely manner.

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About the Mueller Surgery Center

The Mueller Surgery Center is run by Dr. Daniel J. Leeman, a double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in nasal, sinus, facelift and liposuction procedures. Dr. Leeman has been serving the Austin area since 2000 and is dedicated to providing his patients with the high-quality care and service they deserve. He and his highly skilled staff are committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art treatments and compassionate care. Dr. Leeman decided to open the Mueller Surgery Center in his office in order to provide his patients with individualized care through every step of the surgical process.

Dr. Leeman and his team perform a wide variety of surgeries at the Mueller Surgery Center. Our surgery center includes an on-site lab and on-site CT scan to increase patient convenience and reduce the length of time required for procedures. Our team focuses on providing our patients with the highest quality of patient service and care, and we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all of our patients.

Many people avoid getting necessary surgeries due to high prices for the surgical team, anesthesia, and surgical room. Patients can often feel restricted in their choices due to high insurance deductibles or the cost of procedures. At the Mueller Surgery Center, our goal is to make our surgical procedures more affordable for our patients. We offer cash-based pricing to make our procedures more affordable for patients with high insurance deductibles or for patients with no insurance coverage. We strive to be transparent with our pricing and to provide an accurate accounting of procedure costs to meet our patients' Austin ENT needs.

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