Hearing Aid Repair in Austin, TX

Hearing Aid Service

Modern hearing aids are designed with advanced micro-circuitry and protected with very durable materials. Although they are built to be tough, they are not unbreakable. All of our hearing aid brands come with at least a three-year warranty that is comprehensive. From time to time, you will need to have your hearing aids serviced. Periodically, your hearing aids will need to be thoroughly calibrated to align with any changes in your hearing.

Making adjustments and repairs

Hearing is a combination of receiving sound and interpreting it. If this is your first pair of hearing aids, you will likely experience a period where your brain adjusts to this new way of receiving sound. Original settings are largely based on the results of your hearing tests, as well as any lifestyle considerations that factor in. Once you get used to wearing your new hearing aids, you may need to tweak a few points to refine your experience.

  • Programming changes. Changes in programming to narrow or widen the range, or to bring down sounds you can’t hear well into ranges that you can hear.
  • Changes in hearing modes. Most hearing aids can intelligently detect human voices out of the noise surrounding them. You have the option of additional modes or profiles to switch into temporarily, such as noisy restaurant, movie dialogue, music, or driving in a car, to name a few. These profiles can be changed or tweaked during your servicing visit.
  • Earmolds and wire or tube connectors. Your original molds may need adjustments to fit more comfortably after you’ve worn them for a while. Tube connectors should be changed out periodically and are covered under your warranty. Wire connectors can sometimes loosen at the ear mold.

If your hearing aids must be sent off for service, we send them directly to factory experts and ensure your job is expedited so you get them back as soon as possible.

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