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Stop suffering from sinus pain with balloon sinuplasty

Get relief from chronic sinus infections with a minimally-invasive in-office procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty.
A quick office visit with a long-lasting effect.

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Ear, Nose and Throat Professional Care from Austin, TX

We focus our practice upon helping our patients achieve better health and wellbeing through a range of professional treatments for ear, nose, and throat. This area of the body can suffer from a wide scope of afflictions that impact appearance, function, and overall quality of life.

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Audiology & Diagnostic Testing

Our audiologists can diagnose and treat problems with hearing loss, dizziness and balance, tinnitus, and provide a range of preventative treatments and devices to avoid hearing loss. If you or your child are struggling with hearing loss, we will fully evaluate your condition to determine the best type of device.

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Dr. Leeman performs a wide range of cosmetic treatments. His meticulous surgical techniques and warm, caring demeanor have led to a reputation for excellence in both cosmetic and ear, nose, and throat procedures.

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Personal Care and Attention: It's What We Do Every Day.

Dr. Leeman and his team are dedicated to providing the personal care and compassion you deserve. Their ability to understand your concerns and ease your fears gives you the peace of mind you need. From the very first visit, you’ll be treated like a valued patient…because you are.

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 Dr. Leeman and His Team Provide Excellent ENT, Audiology, and Cosmetic Care

At Dr. Leeman ENT, we offer outstanding care in ENT procedures to cosmetic surgery. We focus on state-of-the-art and modern techniques to give you the best results possible. Dr. Leeman has served the Austin area since 2000 and has always strived to treat every patient with respect and care.

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Quality Facial, ENT, and Audiology Care

Dr. Leeman and his team provide the highest quality of care. You can expect thorough treatment and attention that makes you feel like a valued patient. We treat you like family and not another number. Our service areas include:

A Patient-Focused Approach: Dr. Daniel Leeman

Dr. Leeman has established a surgical center that makes undergoing a cosmetic or ENT treatment more affordable. With special pricing structures for patients with high-deductible insurance or no health insurance, he wants to ensure that any person who needs or wants treatment has access to a facility with superior service, caring compassionate staff, and a surgeon who employs the latest surgical techniques, supported by cutting-edge technology.

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What Patients & Referring Doctors Are Saying...

Hi. I was a patient with Dr. Daniel in 2015, got the surgery in the ear and I can say that I recommend extensively. He is an excellent, professional surgeon. Congratulations.
By Zubaeda Lutfy

I have been working with Dr. Leeman and his professional staff for about 6 months. Dr. Leeman explains in a very easy manner your medical issues and what to expect from your procedure. Most of my calls into his office have been returned in about ten minutes.
By Royce Gourley Jr

I have had several spa treatments and surgeries from Dr Leeman and his team. Dr Leeman is a perfectionist and takes care of every detail. He and Lexi are always excited to help with whatever my needs may be.
By Gwen Coward

He is a very caring doctor. Guided me to the correct procedures for my concerns. My results continued over two years. I’m always told I look much younger than real age…

Went for a broken nose and the hospital didn’t even see the severely deviated septum on the MRI. Dr. Leeman caught it. I almost didn’t go to ENT…
By Mary Jo Garcia

I guess what stood out for me was kindness, patience and compassion. I’ve been too many doctors office where that was not the case…

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