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Permanent Cosmetics

You wake up and immediately begin rushing around to get your morning routine finished so you can start the day. You wish you had time to do your makeup but most mornings you just brush it aside. Sound familiar?

At Daniel J. Leeman’s, we understand that people in today’s busy world just don’t have enough time to get everything done. This is why we offer permanent cosmetics.
If you want to roll out of bed each day and not have to worry about makeup, our permanent cosmetics are for you.

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What Are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics are essentially cosmetic tattoos that last anywhere from several months to 3 years. Other terms for permanent cosmetics include micropigmentation, micropigment implantation, and dermagraphics.
During the session, an expert esthetician will apply the permanent cosmetics to your liking. You will then have a follow-up visit to make sure that the cosmetic areas are healing.

What Permanent Cosmetics We Offer


Permanent eyeliner can give you that distinct eyeliner line without having to worry about putting it on every day or it running into your eye from water or sweat.

Eyebrow Shading

Permanent eyebrow shading gives the appearance of a full eyebrow without the need for makeup. We recommend getting a touch-up every 8-12 months.

Lip Color

When you hear permanent lip color, some people think that it means they’ll be walking around with deep red lips for the rest of their lives. However, our aesthetician works with your natural lip color to make your lips look fuller and slightly deeper.

How Permanent Is It?

Permanent cosmetics are considered permanent because tattoo-like ink is used during the procedures. However, like tattoos, the ink will fade after 8 - 12 months in most cases so we recommend getting regular touch-ups.
Since the treatments are considered permanent, we work with you to make sure that it’s something you definitely want to do before performing the treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the treatment will depend on what you are having done. Our professional aestheticians are constantly working to bring our patients the best deals possible. We also offer a VIP Cosmetic package.

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Save Time and Get a Beautiful Look at Daniel J. Leeman’s

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