Noise Suppression Services in Austin, TX

Noise Protection

Anyone whose occupation includes ongoing high-decibel sound faces an almost certain risk of hearing loss without noise protection. If your job involves loud, ongoing sound, loss of hearing can result in loss of livelihood. Rising decibel rates and rapidly increasing “noise pollution” have been found in every major city, airport, factories, highways, and other environments.

Hearing aids

All hearing aids now come with a filter that cuts off sounds, even sudden bursts, above a certain decibel level. Hearing damage begins at about 80 decibels, which is the range you will hear in busy traffic conditions without the protection of being in a car. Dr. Spinuzza will carefully adjust your level of hearing protection when programming your hearing aids so that you hear as naturally as possible without interruptions, but also without damage from high decibel sudden sounds or when working in a continuously noisy environment. In most cases, the high decibel noises are instantly brought down to a non-damaging level, so you hear the representation of the sound safely.

Custom hearing protection

Your best protection outside of hearing aids or in-ear monitors is custom hearing protection. Dr. Spinuzza can examine your ears and make a mold of your canals, then have tailored-made plugs made for each ear. These professional molds can be vented to avoid a “stuffy” feeling. Best of all, they can be quickly removed when you leave the noisy environment. Our clients wear them for swimming, workplace activity, loud events, or simply to filter out night noises for better sleep.

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