Hearing Aid Accessories in Austin, TX

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Hearing aid accessories serve to enhance your hearing experience as well as providing maintenance support for your instruments. Most hearing aid brands include useful accessories, some of which are disposable and require restocking. We want you to get the most out of your purchase and will help you learn which accessories are right for you.


Batteries power your hearing aids and depending upon your specific model, battery life can last up to two weeks. Your initial purchase will come with a supply of batteries that are number and color coded to your specific aids. All hearing aid battery types are fairly easy to obtain. With four different types of batteries, only one type will fit your hearing aids. Always carry a few extra pairs of batteries with you when you leave your home. Although battery life is generally consistent, heat, excessive sound, how long you use the aids each day and other factors can shorten battery life. Many hearing aids will give you a warning beep when the batteries are getting low.

Cleaning tools

Regular cleaning of your hearing aids is essential to performance. As the ear moves wax toward the outer ear canal, any accumulation in the earpiece opening must be cleared. This is an easy routine. Some typical tools include:

  • Cleaning brush for cleaning off the earpiece and the hearing aid housing.
  • Wax loop for removing wax that has gotten into the earpiece hole.
  • A magnet on one end of the cleaning brush makes it easier to remove and replace those tiny batteries.


Especially worthwhile if you live in high humidity locations, dehumidifiers are a good idea for anyone.

These devices are simple and range from a warming plate you can leave your aids on overnight or a jar of desiccant that draws out moisture into the medium.

Remote Mic

A remote mic for your hearing aid can help you hear the people you want to hear in a challenging listening environment. A remote microphone can be hooked up to a hearing aid and then given to a person you want to hear or in a general area where people will be. The mic will pick up the sounds going on around it and transmit them into your hearing aid. Remote mics are very versatile and much smaller than they used to be, so you don’t have to worry about them being cumbersome.

TV Hearing Devices

The tv may be difficult to hear for some hearing-impaired people who use hearing aids but continuously turning the tv up isn’t the answer. A few reasons you should avoid turning the tv up too loud include:

  • It can hurt the sound clarity
  • It can gradually ruin your tv’s speakers
  • It can be uncomfortably loud for others in the room

Instead of turning the tv up louder and louder, you should try a tv hearing device. Tv hearing devices are connected directly to the hearing aid to deliver sound from the tv to the hearing aid. Generally, the sound clarity is excellent, and the individual sound can be adjusted so that people with different levels of hearing can all enjoy the entertainment the way they want to.

Chargers For Hearing Aids

In the past, hearing aids needed batteries, but now rechargeable hearing aids are saving people time and money. Rechargeable hearing aids:

  • Save you money on batteries
  • Save you time not having to replace the tiny batteries
  • Can include the most recent features like directional microphones and Bluetooth

Nowadays, rechargeable hearing aids can last 19-24 hours and up to 3-5 years. Rechargeable hearing aids can help you live life the way you want to.

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