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Our Austin Balloon Sinuplasty procedure uses state-of-the art, non-invasive technique in which a small balloon is inserted into the nostril, then inflated. This opens and enlarges the sinuses so that normal drainage can occur, reducing the unpleasant symptoms of chronic sinusitis, as well as ear infections.

What Symptoms Can Be Relieved By a Balloon Sinuplasty?

Chronic Sinusitis sufferers: It’s time to get your life back. Thanks to Balloon Sinuplasty™ Technology, Dr. Leeman is providing relief to patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis. This minimally invasive procedure is now available in-office, effectively opening nasal passages in the same way that balloon angioplasty opens up blocked arteries. If you experience chronic facial pain, congestion, headache, and fatigue, a Balloon Sinuplasty™ in Austin, TX may be right for you.

Balloon Sinuplasty Austin

How Does Balloon Sinuplasty Compare to Traditional Treatment For Chronic Sinusitis?

Chronic sinusitis sufferers do not experience the normal drainage which keeps the sinuses healthy. Typical treatment begins with medication. For patients unresponsive to medication, complicated endoscopic sinus surgery was traditionally the next step toward finding relief. These procedures involve the removal of bone and tissue to enlarge the sinus opening, and while effective, may lead to post-operative pain, bleeding, and scarring. Full recovery can take a week or more.

Now we have a set of minimally invasive tools, Balloon Sinuplasty™ technology that can be used to enlarge the natural opening of the sinuses, allowing drainage. Balloon Sinuplasty™ instruments are clinically proven to be safe and effective in reducing symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

What Are the Common Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis?

The common signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis include:

  • Facial pain, pressure, congestion or fullness
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Discharge of yellow or green mucus from the nose
  • Teeth pain
  • Loss of the sense of smell or taste
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Bad breath

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What is the Balloon Sinuplasty Approach?

Balloon Sinuplasty Technology is a safe and minimally invasive system used as a tool by surgeons to enlarge the natural opening of the sinuses, allowing drainage. Balloon Sinuplasty instruments are clinically proven to be safe and effective in reducing symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Dr. Leeman threads a guide wire equipped with a tiny balloon into the nostrils and up to the area of blockage. Dr. Leeman then inflates the balloon just enough to open the passageway. Tens of thousands of patients have experienced the benefits of the Balloon Sinuplasty System.

Austin Balloon Sinuplasty

How will Dr. Leeman gain access to the sinus?

Step 1: Gain access to the sinus

To gain initial sinus access, the sinus guide catheter is introduced into the nasal cavity to target the sinus ostia under endoscopic visualization. The sinus guidewire or the sinus illumination system is introduced through the sinus guide catheter and gently advanced into the target sinus.

How is the position of the balloon determined?

Step 2: Inflate balloon across ostium

The sinus balloon catheter is introduced over the sinus guidewire or sinus illumination system and positioned across the blocked ostium. The position of the sinus balloon catheter is confirmed and the balloon is gradually inflated to open and remodel the narrowed or blocked ostium.

What kind of material is removed via the catheter?

Step 3: Remove balloon and irrigate sinus

The sinus balloon catheter is then deflated and removed. The irrigation catheter is advanced over the sinus guidewire or sinus illumination system into the target sinus. The sinus is then irrigated, flushing tenacious sinus contents – like pus and mucus.

Will the mucosal lining of the nasal cavity be affected during removal of the irrigation catheter?

Step 4: Remove system

The irrigation catheter is removed, leaving the ostium open and the sinus cleared of mucus allowing the return of sinus drainage. There is little to no disruption to mucosal lining.

Why Choose Dr. Leeman and the Mueller Surgery Center For Your Balloon Sinuplasty?

Dr. Leeman is a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is also a member of the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery. As such, he has been specially trained in the anatomy, physiology, and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat, as well as the neck and head.

With his experience serving the Austin community for nearly 20 years, he has diagnosed and performed many successful procedures to treat these areas of the body, using the most up-to-date techniques—both surgical and non-surgical.

Sinuplasty FAQ's

What is sinusitis?

The word sinus refers to a hollow space in the skull that is connected to the nasal cavity. The suffix “itis” always indicates an inflammation. This inflammation of the sinuses may be caused by a structural problem in the nose, a bacterial or fungal infection, allergies, environmental air pollution, or the inhalation of toxic fumes that irritate the tissues in the sinus cavity. The symptoms, which may include a stuffed-up nose and thick nasal mucus, as well as fever and headaches, may be temporary. When they are long lasting or continuous, they are diagnosed as chronic sinusitis.

Does sinusitis always require treatment?

The symptoms of sinusitis are familiar and, if not too severe, many people choose to ignore them and play a waiting game, hoping they will clear up on their own. In many instances the symptoms resolve naturally, depending on the cause, but if left untreated sinusitis can become chronic.

What are the dangers of untreated chronic sinusitis?

Untreated chronic sinusitis can lead to a number of complications, such as:

  • A decreased to the complete loss of the sense of smell
  • The development of a cyst-like mass that can expand and cause pain and, if it becomes infected, may require surgery to be removed.
  • Spread of the infection to the eyes, causing redness and pus or even vision changes.
  • Although rare, the spread of infection can affect the bones, brain, or spinal fluid, or cause meningitis or a brain abscess
  • Also rare, chronic sinusitis may cause a blood clot behind the eyes, producing pressure on the brain, which can be life threatening.

What are the ostia?

An ostium is a small opening. A sinus ostium is a small opening that allows for the drainage of fluids into the nasal cavity. When the sinuses are blocked and this drainage is impeded, headaches, and earaches or other pain in the facial area may result from the pressure.

What is endoscopy?

An endoscope is a thin, flexible, tubular medical device with a light attached to it. It is typically non-invasive and is inserted via a natural opening in the body, such as the mouth. It also has a lens or miniature camera at the end of it that is connected to a monitor in the treatment room, on which the practitioner can see the target area, without having to make an incision. Endoscopy is an examination using an endoscope. “Endo” is from the Latin, meaning “within.” “Scope” is from the Greek, meaning to look at or view carefully.

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms of chronic sinusitis and would like some more information, please call our office at 512-572-6645 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Leeman. He will assess your symptoms and recommend the right treatment to ensure that you receive some of the best results after balloon sinuplasty Austin, TX has to offer.

Audiology at the Mueller Surgery Center

The Mueller Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a wide range of services, including non-invasive and surgical cosmetic treatments.

In areas related to hearing, Dr. Leeman collaborates with Dr. Bea Smith, Doctor of Audiology. Dr. Bea has a degree in in Speech Pathology, minored in Special Education, and is a published researcher and lecturer, and highly regarded for her work with both adults and children, alike.

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