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At the Mueller Surgery Center, we are known for providing the highest quality care and treatment for a range of ear, nose, and throat conditions. Our specialists are widely regarded as being among the finest practitioners in Austin and several surrounding cities and states.

Dr. Daniel L. Leeman

Dr. Leeman is a board-certified Austin ENT-otolaryngologist who has been in practice for almost three decades. He has excelled in his field of practice and is regarded as being among the most experienced and talented ENT doctors in the Austin area. His private clinic caters to people from all walks of life, treating them all with kindness, compassion, and providing the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments.

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Kenneth L. Taylor, PA-C

Our physician’s assistant is among the most popular members of our professional team. Kenneth is board-certified as a Physician’s Assistant, with a Neonatal Pediatric specialty. He has a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies. You can be confident that your will be treated with professionalism, attention, and kindness, no matter what your age when under Kenneth’s care.

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Middle ear surgery:

Middle ear surgery is performed to treat ear infections, a perforated eardrum, and a range of illnesses, conditions, damage, or congenital issues related to structure of the ear.

Eardrum repair:

The eardrum can be perforated, requiring a delicate surgery to restore hearing and protect against infection entering the ear canal.

Ear/PE tubes:

Ear tubes, or PE (pressure equalization) tubes are surgically inserted into the ear drums to reduce the frequency of ear infections in children.

Dizziness/balance disorders:

The inner ear balance mechanism is a complex system. When a problem exists in this mechanism, treatment can be performed to help restore equilibrium.


An earache is a symptom of an infection and several other conditions and should be diagnosed and treated immediately.

Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss can be caused by a range of conditions and illnesses, as well as due to aging. Diagnosing your hearing loss accurately will lead to the most effective treatment.

Hearing Protection:

If you work in a high-decibel environment, your hearing can be irreparably damaged. A custom hearing protection system will protect you from harm.

Tinnitus Treatment:

Ringing in your ears is annoying and difficult to live with. Treatment for the condition can finally bring you relief.

Ear Infections:

Many children and adults suffer from frequent ear infections. Treatment must be administered to help avoid hearing loss or a worsened medical condition due to constant infections.


Balloon Sinuplasty:

This advanced procedure can help clear blocked sinuses and treat people suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Turbinate Reduction:

The turbinates process the air you breathe, cleansing and purifying it. When inflamed, irritated, or infected, they can swell, requiring surgical intervention.


Allergy sufferers know the difficulties of dealing with hay fever and other allergies. We offer allergy relief through various treatments.

Deviated Septum:

A deviated septum will impact free breathing through one or both nostrils. A septoplasty corrects the structure, alleviating symptoms.

Nasal Fracture:

A broken nose can lead to many problems, including difficulties breathing, pain, and should be treated as quickly as possible. In many cases, surgical correction is required.

Nose Bleeds:

The first step in treating constant nosebleeds is to diagnose the source of the problem. Treatments to alleviate the condition may include cauterization, correcting a deviated septum, or repairing a fracture.


If you suffer from frequent bouts of sinusitis, it may be necessary to perform a procedure to correct an internal nasal structure to achieve long-lasting relief.

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Swallowing Disorders:

A full evaluation of the condition will reveal the underlying cause, and an effective treatment plan, including surgical correction.


For children or adults who suffer from frequent cases of tonsillitis, it may be necessary to remove the tonsils to improve quality of life and overall health.

Voice Disorders:

To determine the cause of a voice disorder will require a range of visual and diagnostic tests. In some cases, lesion removal may be required to restore a natural-sounding voice.

Head & Neck


Cancer can develop in the head or neck, and when caught early, is very treatable with surgery.


If you struggle with constant migraines or other types of headaches, treatments are available that will bring you a far superior quality of life, often without the need to rely upon heavy medications.

Neck Mass:

A neck mass is a lump that develops on the neck and may have several causes. The first step is diagnosis. An enlarged lymph node should be treated at once, as if cancerous, you want it removed quickly, and if infected or inflamed, must be treated.

Thyroid Disorders:

If you constantly feel tired, have very dry skin, or various other symptoms, you may have a thyroid disorder. These can be identified earlier than ever before and treated with medication so you can live a happier, healthier life.

Pediatric ENT Care:

Children who have an ear, nose, or throat condition must be treated with great gentleness, warmth, and kindness. We are honored to be called upon as specialists for children suffering from a range of conditions requiring treatment.

If you wish to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of the best ENT's in Austin.

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Dear Patients,

We are open for you! Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. With that in mind and in keeping with local and federal guidelines, we have resumed elective surgeries. We are taking all precautions and increased rigorous sanitation protocols to ensure we provide the safest environment possible for all patients and staff! We are filling up our summer surgery schedule fast, please call us or contact us today.

We are still offering virtual consultations for those who are still restricted or prefer to have their consultation from the comfort of their home. Please contact us with your questions or to set up your virtual consultation with Dr Leeman, today!

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