Rhinitis Relief

Long-Term Rhinitis Relief Can Be Achieved with ClariFix

Sufferers of chronic rhinitis already know the pain and inconvenience that it can cause. The symptoms of chronic rhinitis like stuffy nose and sore throat may seem insignificant, but over time they can lead to fatigue and cause you to miss out on the stuff you love.

At Daniel Leeman MD, we offer a long-term treatment option for chronic rhinitis called ClariFix. ClariFix can help treat runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, and postnasal drip. So, it's time to get back to living life the way you want. Schedule with us to start your journey to better sinus health.

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About Rhinitis

Rhinitis is a condition that can be caused by either an allergic reaction (allergic rhinitis) or a non-allergic reaction (non-allergic rhinitis). The symptoms of rhinitis are like the symptoms of a cold. Symptoms include:

● Runny/stuffy nose

● Coughing

● Sore throat

● Postnasal drip

● Congestion

● Sneezing

The symptoms of rhinitis can be brought on by encountering an allergen or other type of substance, and they can last a long time in some cases. When rhinitis often occurs and lasts for long periods, it is known as chronic rhinitis. If you are suffering from rhinitis and nothing else seems to be working, it may be time to learn more about ClariFix.

Watch this short video to learn more about ClariFix. 

How does ClariFix work?

ClariFix is a chronic rhinitis treatment that targets the cause of the problem: the nose's nerves. During a rhinitis reaction, your nose is stimulated by an outside substance to produce mucus. Unfortunately, some people's noses react harshly to substances that aren't necessarily harmful, and this is what leads to chronic rhinitis. It leads to swelling, congestion, and a runny nose.

ClariFix uses cryotherapy to reduce the symptoms of rhinitis by freezing the overactive nerves causing your symptoms.

Is ClariFix Effective?

CalriFix is an effective, minimally invasive in-office procedure that has proven to reduce symptoms and have a short recovery period. In a clinical study done, every 4 out of 5 people report long-lasting relief from their painful rhinitis symptoms.

You don't have to put up with painful sinus symptoms.

At Daniel Leeman, we offer several minimally invasive procedures that can effectively relieve you of your chronic sinus pain. We believe that no one should go through life suffering from sinus pain while thinking that there isn't a treatment to help. This is why we work closely with every patient to devise a treatment plan that will work with their unique health needs.

Let us be your guide to better sinus health today.

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