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Have you ever wished that you could shift some of your unwanted fat to areas where you’d like to see a little extra volume, like your breasts? Dr. Daniel Leeman is proud to offer his Austin natural breast augmentation procedure, an advanced fat harvesting and fat transfer technique that can help smooth irregularities, improve shape, and add natural volume to your breasts.

How Does Natural Breast Augmentation Work?

This is a three stage process. Dr. Leeman will gently harvest your own natural fat cells from areas where you wish to slim down, purify the fat, and then transfer it into the breasts to enhance shape and size. Natural breast augmentation may be used to even natural breast irregularities, augment breast size, improve the look of dimpling or visible edges of implants, and enhance your overall breast shape and size.

How is Natural Bbreast Augmentation Different From Breast Implants?

Because you’re using your own natural fat instead of artificial implants, your breasts will have a softer, smoother and more natural-looking appearance. You will gain the added advantage of contouring another body area with Body-Jet water-assisted liposuction. Your body will be slimmed and trimmed, with the harvested fat used to enhance your breasts – a perfect combination.

Natural Breast Augmentation Austin

What is the Recovery Time?

Some soreness and swelling should be expected immediately after the procedure. Bruising may occur around the areas where fat is harvested. You will need to limit your activity for two to three weeks. You will start to see long term results about one month after surgery.

How Long Will the Results Last?

If the donor fat is properly harvested and processed, a large percentage of fat cells will survive the crucial period until they receive blood supply. Once this happens, these fat cells remain for the patient’s lifetime. The breasts will naturally continue to age as time passes.

What Are the Risks of Natural Breast Augmentation?

As with any procedure, complications and risks include bruising and swelling, infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia and problems with the healing of the skin. Smokers have a higher risk of complications during the skin healing process.

Natural Breast Augmentation Austin

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