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One of the risks of undergoing breast augmentation is the need to undergo revision surgery down the road. For women who choose to have breast augmentation, breast revision surgery is performed to replace saline or silicone breast implants, or to correct errors from a primary breast augmentation surgery, such as capsular contracture or asymmetry.

What is breast revision surgery?

It’s an unfortunate fact that not all breast augmentation procedures produce what was envisioned.

If you have experienced the disappointment of breast augmentation that did not result in beautiful, round, symmetrical breasts, these problems can be corrected.

Dr. Daniel J. Leeman has experience in breast implant revisions of all kinds and can help you have the breasts you wanted – the first time. Breast implant revision can replace older saline or silicone implants or address any of the complications which may have arisen from your original breast augmentation.

What are the benefits of breast revision surgery?

Breast revision can correct a number of issues from a previous breast augmentation procedure including:

  • Asymmetry
  • Replace old or faulty implants
  • Change the type of breast implant
  • Increase or decrease implant size
  • Ripples under the surface of the skin
  • Capsular contracture
  • Symmastia (“uniboob”) or symmastia (breasts too close together)
  • “Double bubble”
  • Excessive sagging
Breast Revision Austin

What can I expect during my breast revision?

Breast revision surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art Mueller Surgical Center under general anesthesia. Your revision surgery will be carefully performed by the skilled hands of Dr. Leeman, replacing your implants, removing excess scar tissue resulting in capsular contracture, or resolving any other aesthetic problems. Because previous procedures have been performed, extra care and attention must be taken in performing your breast revision to ensure a satisfactory and beautiful outcome.

What is the recovery from breast revision like?

Most women find they are able to return to work within one to two weeks following their breast revision surgery. You may experience mild to moderate discomfort, swelling, or bruising which can be well-managed with pain medication provided by Dr. Leeman. You should avoid strenuous activities including lifting heavy objects for at least three weeks following your procedure. A compression garment must be worn to encourage your body to begin the healing process, and help your breasts adjust to their new shape following surgery. Dr. Leeman will provide detailed post-operative instructions that should be followed carefully to ensure a beautiful result.

What is the cost of breast revision surgery?

As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, the cost of breast revision surgery can vary greatly depending upon your geographic location and the expertise of the surgeon you choose. Since breast revision is such a unique procedure and no two revisions are exactly alike, Dr. Leeman will need to examine you and discuss your vision in seeking breast revision before a cost for the procedure can be determined, but for a simple replacement of silicone implants the procedure is in the range of $6,000.

Breast Revision Austin

Why should I choose Dr. Leeman for breast revision?

From the moment you enter our Austin, Texas facilities, our entire staff will make you feel comfortable and welcomed. When seeking breast revision, the most important decision you will make will be the surgeon you choose to perform the surgery. As a double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Daniel J. Leeman has both the experience required and artistic eye necessary to resolve any problems related to breast augmentation that was performed poorly, led to complications, or to change breast size or the type of implant.

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