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Dr. Beatrice Smith: Our Hearing Expert.

Dr. Beatrice Smith, Au.D, FAAA, is our Doctor of Audiology. Her experience includes working in pediatric hospitals, in the hearing aid manufacturing industry, and in private practice at Mueller Surgery Center. Her expertise is based upon years of education in the field, and achieving both a Masters and Doctoral degree in Audiology. She is passionate about her field, engages in research, and has co-authored several textbook chapters.

She is often called upon as a guest lecturer to present advances in hearing treatments and technologies. Beyond her impressive qualifications, she is a warm, compassionate person who has dedicated her professional career to assisting others who struggle with hearing or balance problems.

Hearing Services Austin TX

Diagnostic Testing

Dr. Bea, as a professional in the field of audiology, uses advanced diagnostic testing to identify the source of hearing loss. The tests that may be administered to evaluate your condition include:

  • Hearing Services Austin TX
  • Hearing Services Austin TX
  • Hearing Services Austin TX
  • Hearing Services Austin TX

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aids were once large, bulky, and obvious. As technology advances, these devices have become smaller – and far more effective. If you or your child are struggling with hearing loss, Dr. Bea will fully evaluate your condition to determine the best type of device for you or your child. We offer an array of the most effective hearing aids, including BTE (behind the ear), RIC (receiver in canal), ITE (in the ear), CIC (completely in the canal), and CROS/biCROS for patients with significant hearing loss in one ear.

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